"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

About G3 America Martial Arts


G3 America Martial Arts

G3 America Martial Arts was founded with one goal in mind

We assist students to become black belts in excellence/character based on our 40 biblical principles of leadership and present to them the opportunity to become competitive athletes. Founded by Instructor Lucas Rodrigues, 3rd Dan Black Belt WTF and Head Instructor with over 17 years of Martial Arts and coaching experience, G3 America provides martial arts classes for kids, teens and adults and our programs are based on Olympic TaeKwonDo Training Curriculum, providing to our students the best and most efficient all around Martial Arts program available. Our Martial Arts Program is divided into 5 areas:

  • Self Defense and Awareness: students learn practical self- defense, ground and stand up techniques, as well as guidance on how to create self-awareness to avoid potential confrontations, attacks and problems.  As part of our curriculum, we present the students, especially to our kids and teens, with different “real life experiences” showing them options on how to handle them properly, minimizing their outside exposure.
  • Physical Conditioning: our fitness, strength and conditioning exercises focus on building proper physical and strength conditions to develop balance, coordination, speed and resistance to assist and support student’s progress.
  • Techniques: our progressive curriculum is designed to break down exercises and techniques to give students the proper base to learn the correct technique to continuously assist their progress. Our exercises are divided into 3 categories: foot work, hand work and submissions.
  • Olympic Athletic Training: part of our advanced curriculum, our Olympic training focus on building the qualities of high level TaeKwonDo Olympic Black Belt Athletes to compete on national and international competitions, including the technical and the strength and conditioning aspects of training.
  • Character Development: it focus on developing character and life skills such as discipline, self confidence, team work, public speaking and leadership throughout exercises during classes and homework.

Head Instructor Lucas Rodrigues – G3 America Martial Arts

Head Instructor Lucas Rodrigues

Head Instructor Lucas Rodrigues

Lucas Rodrigues, Head Instructor and Owner of G3 America Martial Arts, is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and originally from Brazil. Instructor Lucas started Martial Arts when he was a young teenager and after 5 years of practicing Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts) he was invited to try out TaeKwonDo in 1996. Since then, he hasn’t stopped.

Instructor Lucas Rodrigues trained under Master Fabio Goulart, in Santos, where he rapidly became part of the competition team winning many state and national tournaments and championships, such as the 1997 and 1998 Brazil Open. In 1998, Lucas earned his black belt through Master Fabio Goulart and moved to USA to train, teach and compete internationally.

“During the 1999 TaeKwonDo Olympic Qualifying, held in Miami, Belmiro Giordani, who was representing Brazil for a placement in the 2000 Olympic Summer Games, and 4 times National Champion, decided to move to USA to train along with our American Team. For the period of 2 years, we trained and competed on many tournaments, including US Open, German Open, among others” syas Instructor Lucas. Belmiro brought a lot of experience and knowledge increasing Instructor  Lucas’ experience and skills to a higher level.

Instructor Lucas’ goal is not only to share his knowledge and experience as a former athlete, but as a current coach and instructor to make a positive impact on the character development and lives of students and to raise National, International and Olympic Champions.

Lucas Rodrigues earned a degree on Business Administration in 1998, and opened his first Training Center in Brazil, Santos, at the age of 20. In 2010, Instructor Lucas found the true meaning of his life and calling in Jesus Christ and since then his life has been transformed and devoted to seek and fullfill God’s will in his life, through the relationship with our saviour Jesus Christ. ” The greatest thing in life is when God uses us to accomplish His will in someone else’s life. It is an honor to serve our God and to love and serve others. And G3 America Martial Arts honors God through our love and dedication to all our students honoring his calling in our lifes” says Instructor Lucas.

Instructor Rodrigues is married with Caroline Rodrigues since 2006 and they have a 5 years old son.

Head Instructor Lucas Rodrigues holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt Degree – WTF


Office Manager Caroline Rodrigues – G3 America Martial Arts

Owner and Office Manager Caroline Rodrigues

Owner and Office Manager Caroline Rodrigues

Caroline Rodrigues, Office Manager and Co-Owner of G3 America Martial Arts, has earned her Criminal Law Degree in Brazil and since she moved to United States she has invested her life into the wellness field. As a professional massage therapist, Caroline has earned certifications in  Brazil, Thailand, India and USA with approximately 9 years of experience. She is on the way to earn her Black Belt and loves working with kids.

Caroline Rodrigues is married to Instructor Lucas Rodrigues since 2006 and they have a 5 year old son.





Great Professional Influences


Master Fabio Goulart – Former Brazilian National Head Coach

Mestre Fabio Goulart

Master Fabio Goulart, owner of Fabio Goulart Academy, throughout the years, has accumulated many titles, such as 1991 Pan American Gold Medalist, National and South America Championships, and among others, represented Brazil in the 1999 World’s Championship as an athlete and captain of the Brazilian National TaeKwonDo Team. Not too long after, he was appointed as the Junior National Coach where he stayed until 2010.

Master Fabio Goulart holds a 7th Dan Black Belt Degree – WTF






Master Belmiro Giordani – Brazilian National Head Coach

Mestre Belmiro Giordani

Mestre Belmiro Giordani

Master Belmiro Giordani, who also trained and graduated as a black belt under Master Fabio Goulart, is currently the Coach for the TaeKwonDo Brazilian National Team. He started TaeKwonDo under Master Fabio Goulart when he was 3 years old and collected, throughout the years, many different titles, including 4 x National Championships, South American Championship and Pan American Championship, among others.

Master Belmiro Giordani holds a 5th Dan Black belt Degree – WTF