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Adult Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes For Adults

Adult Martial Arts

Our adult martial arts Black Belt program offers a comprehensive self-defense and TaeKwonDo Olympic training curriculum focusing on developing stand up and ground based self-defense techniques, based on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and to improve strength, conditioning, balance and coordination.

In addition, G3 America’s Olympic TaeKwonDo training focus on developing the proper qualities and techniques assisting student to become athletes to compete on national and international tournaments and to become part of the G3 America Martial Arts Competition Team.


Experience is not required to participate in the classes and to enjoy it. The programs are divided accordingly and everyone starts at their own level.

The program follows the WTF – World TaeKwonDo Federation – belt system and the classes are always exciting and well balanced.  You will learn practical self-defense, improve your conditioning, lose weight, train like a champion and become a champion!

Whether you want to learn self-defense, get fit or become an Olympic Athlete, G3 America is the Martial Arts School for you and your family!

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