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Board Breaking Day at G3 America Martial Arts

Board Breaking Day at G3 America Martial Arts

Board Breaking Sessions are great for martial arts students for many different reasons. However, the main two reasons why students should break boards is to practice their skills and to build their self-confidence, and the way they build self-confidence is through completing a task they are assigned for, which in this case breaking the boards.

There is (always) a character development effort behind everything that we do, teach and practice in Martial Arts, and as you can see is no different when comes down to breaking boards practice. It is important to constantly challenge kids and teens with things that they have never done before, give them the tools and motivate them to complete it. The collateral result is that they will start to  apply the confidence to other tasks such as homework, life skills, organization and so forth… consequently you will see an improvement and a positive attittude towards everything they do for themselves and others, no matter how hard it gets!

At G3 America Martial Arts we encourage our students to improve their skills from good to extraordinary so they can continuosly, as they grow up, excell in everything they do and will do later in life!

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