"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

Anti Bullying It is not a matter if your child will ever be bullied at school or within their social circles; the truth is when it will happen! It is a harsh reality, however most of parents don’t acknowledge or notice the issue until it happens with their own.

Most of the schools have policies against bullying but doesn’t mean it won’t happen. As a matter fact, a lot of times, school principals, teachers and directors acknowledge the existence of bullying activity but very little is accomplished trying to stop the problem.

“It is easy to spot potential bullies when we go into schools to do anti-bullying talks and seminars. It is just a matter of paying attention to their behavior and body language and you will see it. Also, bullies don’t like to be put into uncomfortable situations. They are used to have control of situations and we challenge that to expose their actions and potentially the problem” says G3 America Martial Arts Owner and Head Instructor Lucas Rodrigues.

Since it is a reality, parents should be looking for the answers of two questions:

How to avoid bullying?

The most important factor to avoid bullying is to keep an open, honest and daily communication channel with your child. Parents should know what goes on at school, who are their child’s classmates, the kids your child is hanging out with during breaks and so on. It is also important to participate in school events to get to know teachers, school director and even other parents. Get involved anyway you can and make sure your schedule allows you to!

It is also important to empower your child to be confident the way they are, pointing out their strengths, and to avoid the need to fit in. Instruct them to always be aware of their surroundings and never to walk around alone, but in groups of 2 or more. In case they are ever bothered by someone or some bully, instruct your child to speak up and even scream very loud to attract attention if needed.

Kids Martial Arts classes are great to help to improve character development and formation as well as to develop proper self-defense skills in case they need at some point. Martial Arts classes also assist kids on developing awareness, which is much needed to avoid trouble and uncomfortable situations.

What is the best approach against Bullying?

It depends on the situation. At first parents should write a formal letter to the principal of the school or facility director to make an official complaint to bring awareness of what is going on and to demand proper intervention. If that it is not enough, then a letter should be written to the School Board and so on.

In the mean time, it is important to instruct your child and to explain why such things happen and that they are entitled to protect their own personal space in case they need to.

Kids have to understand why bullying happens and that it is a reality that they will have to leave with it every day, even when they grow up. The best thing is to be prepared physically and mentally for when that does happen. It is a learning process that requires a good measure of self-confidence. Martial Arts classes are great for it!

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