"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

Kids Martial Arts Classes bring a lot of more benefits than just fun and self-defense skills. It also assists kids to develop main key factors to improve their attitude, character, confidence and decision making.

Self-confidence is really important on the process of making a decision. A child lacking self-confidence sometimes is lead to make the wrong decision, influenced by someone with poor character, thinking they are making a smart choice, not knowing the real impact and consequences of it. And there are many reasons why children lack self-confidence and a lot of it can be avoided if they are surrounded by positive influence and proper attention.


Kids Martial Arts Improve Self-Confidence

In order for kids to improve self-confidence, kids have to be empowered to make their own decisions (limited to an extent) knowing that they have room to make mistakes and trusted by their parents when doing so. Communication is the key to expose options and consequences for them. Kids need to understand why they are allowed or not allowed to do something or go somewhere. Parents and teachers should spend time explaining the why’s and how’s so kids grow up knowing the real reasons for it.

“When kids enrolled in martial arts program, from the beginning they are challenged to make smart decisions during classes, always presented with different scenarios where they will make their decision to follow. It helps them to build and sustain their personality and build the confidence that they are making the right choices… and that will go beyond the martial arts class time into their lives, which is the main goal”, says G3 America Martial Arts Head Instructor Lucas Rodrigues. ” We also identify their strengths and build from there”.

Martial Arts classes teach kids self-defense which automatically improves self-confidence. It teaches kids awareness and how to avoid trouble, making the right decision, and how to have a positive attitude and impact on others, consequently becoming role model for others.

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