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2012 Olympic USA Taekwondo Team

2012 Olympic USA Taekwondo Team

Besides the traditional aspects and unlike many other martial arts programs, TaeKwonDo is an Olympic Sport and it has been officially since the 2000 Olympic Games which makes the idea of taking TaeKwonDo classes very appealing and many kids and teens see it as an opportunity to become a potential Olympic athlete.

Taekwondo Olympic Training Program

 TaeKwonDo Olympic Training classes focus on two aspects:

  • Strength and Conditioning: Developing strength and conditioning skills to elevate power, agility, reaction time, reflex and coordination to support the sparring techniques, kicks and combinations.
  • Technical Skills: Developing competition skills and strategies focusing on specific practical training involving kicking combinations, blocks and so forth

In additional, TaeKwonDo Olympic competition training teaches distance and awareness in the case of potential confrontations. Students become aware of their personal space and how to protect it in case they need to.

“The idea for kids and teens to join martial arts, in general, is to learn self-defense and to improve certain aspects such as discipline, respect and so on. The fact that TaeKwonDo is an Olympic sport it brings a different and very exciting angle about the sport and the possibility to become an Olympic athlete is very real and appealing”, says G3 America Martial Arts Head Instructor Lucas Rodrigues.

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