"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

Parents have the opportunity to impact and have the most influence over their children between the ages of 3 and 13 years old. Children at early ages are like “sponges”, always watching and learning from their parents and seeking for their guidance and instructions, which creates the right atmosphere to influence and to build their character on a moral and solid foundation to help them to make the right choices and to stay out of trouble.

Children at early ages have limited access to outside influence for many natural and different reasons. However, this scenario continuously changes as they grow up and through building new relationships, internet and television; children in general are exposed to “the world influence” and start to articulate their own view of things.

The question is: how will children react to the outside influence? The answer is according to the type of influence and foundation you as a parent set in the first place. Moral standards and boundaries are set, during childhood, to be remembered and followed, and when parents spend very little time or put very little effort and discipline into the children’s character development the result could be something that parents don’t expect or don’t hope for!

Kids Martial Arts Program Leverage For Parents

The main reason we brush on this subject is to bring awareness and the correct level of how important it is to not only instruct your children but make the right choices for them in life while you have the authority and influence to do so.

Kids Martial Arts Program works as a great leverage and is very useful for parents to reinforce the character values in their children’s lives. When your children are surrounded by other children that share strong moral and character values, quickly they will realize that doing the right thing is the way to go.

Besides the parents, kids are impacted and influence by who they choose to be their role models in the outside world, and if you, as a parent, don’t intentionally pursue positive environments with strong character development roots, you will only hoping that they make the right choices while picking the environments they, your children, prefer which, unfortunately, it could bring unwanted results!

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