"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

martial arts belt color imagesIt is time for our martial arts students to collect their reward! They have been working hard to earn their next martial arts belt and have accomplished it! But how exactly the process of changing belts will impact their lives?

Martial Arts belt graduation means more than just change the color of belts. It helps students to understand the correct way to earn rewards and to accomplish real goals starting at early ages. It sets the pace for everything else since it is an important part of character development. Kids, and everyone for that matter, will always have the choice to aim for average or greatness. However, there is a big difference between settling for average and reaching for greatness.

Having the correct attitude towards challenges and responsibilities, even when they are not the best case scenario, makes the difference on the outcome and result of them. Challenging students, on the process of earning a lifetime achievement, such as becoming a black belt in excellence, is a priceless opportunity to develop and improve their character on areas such as perseverance, discipline, self-control and so forth. The process of changing belt colors will help them to understand the different levels, skills and responsibilities that come with it, where the result will only depend upon them and how much they put in, and that is no different when comes down to succeed later tasks in life, for example college and profession.

Parents have the opportunity, and above all the responsibility, to impact and influence their children’s lives in a positive way hoping for a great outcome. There will be a time when they will have to make decisions on their own and having a strong character and foundation will help them to make the right ones! Martial Arts classes and the process to become a black belt is an awesome tool to help kids and teens to set the right pace.

G3 America Martial Arts belt graduation is scheduled to start 11am Saturday, Jan 12th 2013. Go ahead and invite friends and family to support our students and to be a part of it!

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