"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

kids martial artsMartial arts classes are great for self-defense, especially in the midst of the bully challenges that kids are facing these days. However, the process of learning and practicing martial arts involve not only the self-defense and physical aspect, but also challenges kids on developing a better attitude towards things, consequently improving decision making, simple ones and/or difficult ones.

Making the right decision requires maturity and the understanding of consequences, good or bad, and it is really important to expose kids from all ages to it, encouraging them to take ownership and responsibility whatever the outcome of them might be.

Martial Arts Develop Maturity On Decision Making

“We are constantly talking about decision making with our kids and how to weight in decisions. It is a crucial part of our martial arts character development program, and we make sure parents and children understand that. Making the decision it is not the only important part; kids still have to acknowledge and understand the consequences and how will affect them and the people around them, especially the close ones. Once they understand the process it will able them to mature and start to make better overall decisions” says Head Instructor Lucas Rodrigues, owner of G3 America Martial Arts.

Parents, in general, find great value on martial arts programs due to the fact that kids will be working, at the same time, on their self-defense skills, fitness and their character development. Besides, martial arts schools are a great environment for everyone, since it is surrounded by positive and role model influence that promotes great attitude, humbleness and self-confidence.

G3 America Martial Arts, located in Margate, Florida, offers classes for kids of all ages as well as for adults. For more information on one of our programs click on Martial Arts Coconut Creek