"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

Parents, be aware that your actions are (definitely and more than ever) speaking louder than your words. On the long run, your “today actions” will validate their “tomorrow decisions” Therefore it is extremely important  to lead by example, as a parent, and set the correct principles in order to build a strong foundation base for your children to make the right decisions as they go along.

The fact that we, as parents, have the job and responsibility to raise our children with morals and boundaries, by setting the pace of the do’s and don’t, might not make us, a lot of times, the most popular individual in their lives and if we, as parents, don’t act accordingly to what we are saying, potentially gives them ground, motives and “sustainable reasons” not to comply and obey and since today,kids have access to information of all sorts and for all ages they need a strong point of reference to validate their choices.
Whether by mistake pressing the wrong button, flipping one extra page, seeing on a billboard or, worst, purposely searching for it, our kids will potentially be exposed to things that they are not yet ready to comprehend, make sense of it and/or make a fair judgment in regards to what they been exposed to, and believe it or not, the two main things that will stand on their way in between choosing right or wrong is how much they value and honor their relationship with their parents and what they have learned about their parent’s actions….
Children are leaving and breathing visual culture…. they will watch before they listen!!!
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