"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

martial arts margateIt’s safe to say that most of parents love their parenting role and wouldn’t have any different, but not that many enjoy most of the “ride” due to the load of obligations, time consuming and sacrifices along the way.
There is nothing new “under the sun” about what is been said so far with the exception that God sees it different… so why wouldn’t we?

Parenting Tips – G3 America

We believe that God intentionally allows us to go through seasons so we can learn and mature through them in order to move forward, however when we factor time vs. season is very easy to get side tracked and with that, missing the joy of the moment!
If there is one thing we can set straight, it is that God is the master of time. In fact, not only has He created time but He is precise and intentional about it and links it to everything that has to do with our lives and His plans for it, and raising His children wouldn’t be different.
If we choose to stand on the truth that God is intentional and precise about time and within there is no lack of anything, we should be able to focus and give priority to our task at hand: parenting.
So, should we give up our career and financial dreams, security etc. to spend time with our children? Not exactly. However, stop fighting the time and embrace your current role will set you free from the obligations of tomorrow and will allow you to be joyful and invest in the moment.
So, make intentional your role of parenting, play with your kids, get involved in their lives, make them “the” priority and God will most definitely redeem your time and honor your seasons, just as He has planned from the beginning.
G3 America Martial Arts is a school that promotes family values in a leadership environment to challenge children and parents to intentionally live up to the pursuit of greatness and in the process raise Black Belts in Excellence!!
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