"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

martial arts summer camp 2015 G3 America Martial Arts is hosting its Summer Camp 2015 starting on June 8th!! Our 2015 theme, this year, is “Creation Adventure” where we will be taking a journey into the Animal Kingdom to learn about animal’s personalities, character and purpose. Also, we will discuss the required leadership and community skills the animals , individually, need to have in order to prosper, grow and survive. Attached to each leadership theme will be instruction, fun and challenging activities, team games and so on.

Martial Arts Summer Camp 2015

Besides all the Animal Kingdom learn and fun, kids will experience, on a daily bases, martial arts Olympic classes, including self-defense and weapons, flexibility and strength and conditioning classes (to improve reflex and awareness), air track acrobatic classes, dance, arts and crafts themed projects, team challenges and more!! Our days are packed with back to back activities to maximize our campers Summer and to provide a remarkable and fun experience! Also we take the time, on a daily bases, to develop our relationship with God and His Son Jesus by praying and intentionally dedicating time to draw near to His heart.

We believe every child was created for nothing short of greatness and developing a relationship with God will help them to be who they were summer camp margate 2015 created to be. Our goal, throughout the camp, is to provide opportunities for our campers to develop physical and positive character skills, to have tons of fun and to understand the importance of knowing how to develop and keep relationships on a health level as well the importance of applying leadership skills on the process of making decisions, all to help them on the years to come”, says Instructor Lucas Rodrigues, Owner and Program Director of G3 America Martial Arts.

Our field trip schedule includes animal kingdom educational sites, jumping fun zones, water parks, movies, among others!

For more information about our program click on Summer Camp Margate 2015 or call us (954) 971-5233