"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

This year G3 America Kids Summer Camp 2019 will be a fun and engaging experience for all campers! Every year we host our G3 America Kids Summer Camp with the purpose and goal that it is a fun, constructive, educational, and unforgettable time for all students participating! Our camp always includes a list of activities, field trips, talks, and Martial Arts classes, always encouraging and challenging campers to become their best and to develop their confidence and social skills. And this year we are including a variety of brand new special activities and challenges for our students to participate in! 

Specials include:

Jr Ninja Warrior-

G3 America’s Jr Ninja Warrior classes are a fun and challenging way to gain strength, endurance, and confidence, all while having a blast! Our brand new professional grade ninja course is designed to be moldable according to each ninja’s skill level and ability. This activity is not only a great opportunity for some fun but also a way to start training as a real Ninja Warrior! This activity is suitable for all kids ages 4 and up!


Our G3 Soccer Academy offers a unique program for Youth Soccer Players that combines the benefits of Indoor, and Outdoor Field Soccer training into one. It is designed to improve physical conditioning, ball control, field positioning, and more! While attending our 2019 Summer Camp students will be given the opportunity to participate in scrimmages, games, and drills put on by our Soccer Academy Coaches all on our indoor field! Kids will have a blast playing and learning the game of soccer in a friendly and entertaining environment!


Weapons training takes place on our mat, where students will be given a pre-appointed weapon to learn to use properly in the art of TaeKwonDo. Classes are well structured and safe, lead by our team of qualified and experienced instructors.


Our newest addition to the summer camp activities this year is our Dance classes! All students are given the opportunity this year to select Dance as a special activity. These classes will be taught by an experienced dancer, and the dance style offered will be hip hop! This is a great opportunity for any student who enjoys being active and getting in touch with their creative side!

Olympic TaeKwonDo-

G3 America offers a TaeKwonDo program where students learn and practice the fundamentals of the most used, up-to-date, techniques for competitions, and receive strength and conditioning training to improve balance, coordination, power, and speed. These classes have been reformatted to be a part of our Summer Camp schedule, and are a great choice for young athletes who are interested in trying out the sport!

Youth Strength and Conditioning-

This course is a great way to get active and build your strength! Students will engage in workouts designed and led by a certified strength and conditioning coach, in a fun and challenging way!

This year campers will also be introduced to community and sports leaders, who will come in as guest speakers sharing their life experience in pursuit of greatness, and most importantly, their walk with God and how it has impacted their lives and purposes!

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We believe every child was made for greatness, with an unmatched purpose and unique gifts. Our goal, besides providing an amazing and fun time, is to build their confidence, faith, and understanding of what has been made available to them. We do this believing they can make a natural and supernatural impact in the lives of others, and live an outstanding and purposed life! Our kids are the next generation, and they carry an enormous potential to make great things happen!

It will be a summer explosion of awesomeness!!!

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