"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever" - Rom 11:36

After School Program Margate – Martial Arts Leadership Program

G3 America Martial Arts offer a comprehensive, educational and character development after school program where kids will be able to:

  • Learn Martial Arts: Our martial arts program is a great tool to instruct kids about life skills, such as organization, leadership, and time management, as well as character values such as respect, self-confidence, discipline, and perseverance, among others. In addition, kids will learn self-defense and practice TaeKwonDo.
  • Exercise: Our strength and conditioning exercises assist children to develop better balance, coordination, and muscle strength. Also, it helps them to understand the need to be active, eat healthy, and exercise regularly
  • Educational Games: We are constantly changing and using an array of thematic fun games where kids will practice valueS such as Team Work, Respect, Self Control, etc…
  • Playtime: every kid needs to let it out… and we have the time for it! Kids love it!! It is a fun time!!
  • Snack and homework: Before exercising and playtime, kids will have time to complete their homework and eat a snack. Daily snacks are provided.
  • Leadership Instruction: Leadership instruction is a very important part of our after-school program. We select times during the week to discuss our 40 Principles of Leadership, applying them to practical examples, helping our students to understand the importance of being a role model to others!
  • More…

Our intentions are to maximize your child’s after school hours with productive activities, assisting in his/her character development, and always aiming to make the best of it! We are looking forward to serving you and your family!

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