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Martial Arts Programs

Martial Arts School Margate

Kids Martial Arts – Martial Arts Classes for Kids

G3 America Martial Arts kids program is a Black Belt Martial Arts Program focusing mostly on two important aspects of childhood: character development and self defense. Our 5ARM curriculum is based on World TaeKwonDo Federation Curriculum (WTF), TaeKwonDo Olympic Training combined with our 40 Principles of Leadership character Development Program.

Our classes are very dynamic, always changing and challenging students to think, practice and to improve coordination, physical and character development skills. Our reward system encourages kids and teens to be proactive and responsible towards tasks and we are always looking forward to building a great relationship with our students and parents so we can better assist them on achieving their improvements needed and future goals….

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Adult Martial Arts – Martial Arts Classes For Adults

Our adult martial arts Black Belt program offers a comprehensive self-defense and TaeKwonDo Olympic training curriculum focusing on developing stand up and ground based self-defense techniques, and to improve strength, conditioning, balance and coordination.

In addition, if you are interested in pursuing Sports TKD Competitions, G3 America’s Olympic TaeKwonDo training focus on developing the proper qualities and techniques assisting student to become athletes to compete on national and international tournaments and to become part of the G3 America Martial Arts Competition Team…

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TaeKwonDo Olympic Training – WTF Competition Training

Before it became a full medal sport at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, TaeKwonDo made few appearances in the Summer Olympic Games as a demonstration sport (1988/1992/1996) and it has been in the Olympic Games as a official Olympic sport since.

G3 America offers an Olympic TaeKwonDo Program where students learn and practice the fundamentals of the most used, up-to-date, techniques on competitions and will also experience strength and conditioning training to improve balance, coordination, power and speed. Also, we create a path for students to become High-Performance athletes in order to compete at a National and International Level…

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G3 Club After School Program

G3 America Martial Arts after school and enrichment program offers a diversified athletic curriculum including exercises, conditioning, thematic games, anti-bully attitude course, self-defense and much more.

All of our exercises and sessions are designed to assist students to develop a better attitude in general and better conditioning while having a lot of fun. Our activities are built on life skills and social values to help kids to embrace a better attitude towards tasks and people and to live healthier! Our program involves, but no limited, the following…

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Anti-Bullying School Programs – Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Bulling has been featured very often in the news for one simple reason: it happens all the time! We, at G3 America Martial Arts understand how important it is to help the community bringing awareness and prevention against bully action. The practice of bullying is often seeing inside schools, community parks and social clubs among other places.

And to bring awareness to the community and schools, we offer a 4 weeks Bully Buster Enrichment Program to pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools to assist kids and teens in the process to overcome Bullies. The program is hands on with a lot of interaction to inspire students to become more proactive against bully activities and to teach them basic self-defense against bullies…

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