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G3 America’s Olympic TaeKwonDo Competition Program is devoted to developing youth and young adults with proper qualities and techniques, assisting them to become athletes qualified to compete in national and international tournaments, and to become part of the G3 America Martial Arts Competition Team!

Training Sessions are designed for students learn and practice the fundamentals of the most used, up-to-date, techniques for competitions, and receive strength and conditioning training to improve balance, coordination, power, and speed.

Students will learn to compete and become high-level athletes and will potentially have the opportunity to compete in National and International tournaments while experiencing being part of a Team. This develops and shapes their character to become true champions inside and outside the dojo! G3 America’s training curriculum is under the rules of the WTF World TaeKwonDo Federation.

Taekwondo is an Official Olympic Sport

Before it became a full medal sport at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, TaeKwonDo made a few appearances in the Summer Olympic Games as a demonstration sport in 1988,1992, and 1996. It has since been in the Games as an official Olympic sport.

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